H2BLD: Farm Fresh, Organic & Non-GMO

We are excited to be able to share with everyone the healthy “H2BLD Experience.” H2BLD is a force for change, as a mechanism for all to eat healthy, by providing Hosts that believe in and provide the H2BLD experience with food that is organic or pesticide free and non-genetically modified (or Non-GMO).

What Does Organic Mean?

Simply stated, organic produce and other organic ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides and organic meat is free of antibiotics.  In all cases, H2BLD Hosts sign-up and are encouraged to provide food that is free from pesticides.

What is Non-GMO?

GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, or GE. H2BLD Hosts sign-up and are encouraged to only provide food that has not been genetically modified.  For more information visit “Non-GMO Project”.