Wellington Wine Club – Los Angeles, CA

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Join us for Wellington Wine Club

6-9 pm in Historic, Mid-City Los Angeles

Join our Hosts for Summer Sunset, Good Company, and some Smooth Jazz



Assorted Pies and Desserts

*21 and over*


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Hosts will post prices including all applicable taxes and be responsible to comply with their own country taxation regulations.

Cancellation of Reservation

All Reservations are subject to H2BLD’s cancellation policy, as stated below:

If a Reservation is cancelled by a Guest at least 48 hours prior to the applicable Food Event date, the Host shall not be paid any of the Reservation Amount and the Guest shall be reimbursed the full Reservation Amount net any commissions and fees paid by H2BLD (e.g. – PayPal fees). If a Reservation is cancelled by a Guest between 24 and 48 hours prior to the applicable Food Event date, the Host shall be paid 50% of the Reservation Amount and the remainder shall be returned to the Guest net any commissions and fees paid by H2BLD If a Reservation is cancelled by a Guest less than 24 hours before the applicable Food Event, the Guest shall not be entitled to any return, credit or reimbursement. Your Reservation shall be deemed cancelled only upon receipt of H2BLD confirmation of your cancellation.

The Company reserves the right to cancel a Reservation at any time upon returning full refund of Reservation Amount to the Guest.

In case a Host cancels Guest’s Reservation to participate in a Food Event, Company will credit Guest with the full Reservation Amount such Guest has paid to H2BLD Company reserves the right to charge the cancelling Host with the Reservation Fees collected.

Additionally, H2BLD reserves the right to charge back from Hosts the Reservation Amount they received for organizing certain Food Event if upon the receipt of a complaint by a Guest with respect to such Food Event, it believes, at its sole discretion, that such Food Event was not compatible with H2BLD standards of service or in case of any misconduct of the Host.

H2BLD shall not bear any liability for any cost, expense, loss or damage that you may suffer or incur as a result of Provider’s or Guest’s cancellation of a Reservation of Food Event.

Guest should cancel reservation at least 48 hours before the food event to receive paid money back. If it’s cancelled after 48 hours, there will be partial or no refund.